a late start

see: being poor

Well it's a pretty simple concept. If you don't have money, go get money. Unfortunately for me, the simple things weren't something i grasped. I spent my twenties working terrible paycheck-to-paycheck retail jobs. All of my money went to rent/car/food, but mostly first two. I lived on the generosity of my friends and family. I won't bore you with much more but let's just say my roaring twenties were more of a fizzle.

find something you love

That's the kind of nonsense someone like me should never have been told. I can in the span of an afternoon pick up and drop a religion, read a scientific study on moths leading me to sign up to become an entomologist, watch a heart-wrenching documentary that makes me drop all persuits in the name of criminal justice reform, and become a vegan. So the something i love is about as fleeting as a mosquito. I vote for rewording this old addage, find something you can stand. Really, actually, i had enjoyed coding during my highschool days but had been led under the impression that unless i was 1337 and truly had some predestiny with the subject, i should look elsewhere. I spent a decade looking.


So after meeting my wife, spending tons of money on other uncompleted degree paths, and with a baby looming in near future i decided it'd be a good idea to return to college. i wont go into depth about the pains, struggles, and wonderous feelings of embarassment but it was a roller coaster. i found that it was much easier than my previous attempts, had i matured? yes, and with my eye on the prize i completed my degree and quickly found employment!

now what

Well i've recently started with a mid-sized company that seems to have a really great emphasis on training and growth. that's where this site, from the well of my intrigue had it's ideation. one of the first things i learned is that the things you know today are forgotten tomorrow. this is my attempt to remember things, and scratch down little thoughts.